Short stories

Becoming one

Thousand colourful marbles came fallingout of the sky. Blue ones, grey ones, green ones, even beautiful chocolate brown ones and some were even pitch black. The lobsters tried to catch them because they were all so wonderful. They got really excited and swam from left to right, up and down. They even bumped into each other several times, because they got euphoric because of all those extraordinary little balls falling out of the sky.

All, but one of them. This little lobster was maybe a little tiny, but he was very strong and superior to all the other lobsters. The other lobsters admired him for his braveness. This little lobster could not be bothered by all those beautiful marbles, because he already had it all. The green ones, the grey ones, even the azure blue and the pitch black. He could not care less.

The other lobsters admired him because he had no fear. He was a really great swimmer and the best diver of them all. He would dive in the deepest and darkest caverns, where nobody would ever follow him. Butterflies would swell up in his belly when he saw another cavern, nobody had ever descended. Without fear he would explore the deepest corners of the earth.

But all of a sudden there was this one marble falling down that stood out in the crowd. It was not even a marble; it was a sort of icicle with an almost invisible bubble around it. The tiny little lobster was fascinated by the icicle and a magnetic force drove him to her. The icicle stood out, because she never fit in. There was this invisible blur around her, some sort of fog. Although she tried hard, she could never fully make contact with the world around her. She was, although surrounded by many others, always alone. Before she even noticed the tiny little lobster, she felt something pulling her in. A magnetic force. And when she first noticed him she immediately understood where this force was coming from.

The attraction between the lobster and the icicle became very strong,until all of a sudden the lobster bumped in to something he could not see. A barrier repelled them and although he tried his best, he could not reach here. She always felt this barrier around her, which she could not see. It was everywhere around here. It felt suffocating and although it was invisible, the lobster felt it to. This was keeping him, from getting nearer.

Because he was invincible and superior to all of the other lobsters he tried everything within his might to reach the beautiful icicle, without result. He tried and tried, and months went by. The spring came. Jacob’s ladders descended from the sky, warming up the earth. Little flower buds poked their noses up in the air, pushing the soil aside.

These radiant beams opened up the icicle like Pandora’s box. Instead of insects crawling out of a the box, tears came streaming down her face. She could not be stopped and a little puddle formed inside the bubble. But the tears kept coming and the puddle changed in to a pool, and from a pool it changed in to a pond. More tears kept coming. White caped waves started to emerge. The wind started blowing. And the tears kept coming and coming. The pond changed in to a wild ocean. The tiny little lobster felt fear for the first time in his life, it overtook him. The bubble surrounding the icicle did not grow, unlike the ocean. It became very tight, closing in from around her. Suffocating her, like an invisible force that drew near. The waves became higher than Sequoia trees. The sky went pitch black, and that suffocating force became bigger and bigger. All of a sudden there was this big roar. Everything started to rumble. The tiny little lobster was so afraid that he was paralysed. Finally the bubble tore open and the tiny little lobster was taken in by the madness of the ocean, drowned by the flood they finally became one.


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